The Testosterone Bible

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Hey, let me ask you a quick question

Do you know why the film 300 is so well respected by men?

It’s about a group of Spartans withstanding the onslaught of 150,000 Persian warriors.

It wasn’t because of their sheer determination.

Or because of their brute force.

Not even because of their unrelenting attitude to not giving up.

It was because of their Spartan Energy

Spartan Energy gave them the same masculine presence and energy you can see in Alpha Males of today.

Men like…

💪 Clint Eastwood

💪 Sean Connery

💪 Jason Statham

The same energy that helped them defeat the entire Persian army.

To train Spartan Energy, Spartans were forced to go barefoot... restricted in bathing… and given one cloak to wear in the harshest winters and the warmest summers. They were even tasked to pull river reeds out of the ground to make their own beds.

They were fed a meager diet and made to fight one another in brutal contests, which often resulted in broken bones and bloodied limbs.

They did this for 4,004 Days...

572 Weeks…

11 whole years.

By the end of their training, these Spartan warriors were highly respected by men, craved like crazy by women, and had physiques like Greek Gods.

They were ready to take on everything that life could throw at them.

In today’s society, such missions of hardship would be frowned upon, perhaps even illegal.

That’s why I’ve researched and interpreted their effective methods, so modern men can gain the same ferocity as if they were training to become Spartans.

Now you’re probably thinking you’re not going to fight an entire army...

Why should you care about Spartan Energy?

Studies have shown young men in their 20s and 30s have 20% LOWER testosterone than men in their 60s.

And that means young healthy men who should be in peak physical health, have the energy levels of pensioners!

If you:

  • Feel fatigued all the time
  • Feel depressed most of the time
  • Feel tired at work
  • Feel like your boss and colleagues ignore you
  • Struggle to gain muscle
  • Struggle to gain the attention from attractive women
  • Struggle in the bedroom and lack libido
  • Struggle to play sports with your friends
  • Don’t have enough energy to play with your kids or spend time with your family
  • Have a hard time finding the confidence to approach women
  • Lack motivation in life
  • Can’t seem to lose your excess body fat

These are all signs of low testosterone!

That’s where The Testosterone Bible comes in.

It’s a manifesto on how to develop the same system, masculinity, testosterone-fuelled environment of Spartan warriors, to your daily life.

It contains ACTIONABLE information you need to optimize your testosterone NATURALLY.

Here’s what you get:

  • The Importance of Healthy Testosterone - Why high low testosterone is fundamental for leading a healthier, happier, & more productive life.
  • The Science of Testosterone - What is testosterone and how does your body actually manufacture it.
  • The Symptoms of Low Testosterone - Discover what the major signs of low testosterone are and what you need to look out for.
  • What causes low testosterone - Uncover which of your daily habits, and common household items you use daily are lowering your testosterone.
  • Blood Work Interpretation - What key biomarkers to look for in your testosterone test to identify if your blood work is causing you devastatingly low testosterone levels.
  • Optimizing Diet - Learn which major foods you’re eating that are killing your testosterone levels. PLUS, what foods you must eat to optimise your testosterone production.
  • Lifestyle Changes - How to eliminate your exposure to toxic chemicals that are destroying your testosterone levels. PLUS, how to increase your total & free testosterone levels the easy way.
  • Supplements - Why you’re wasting your money on most supplements, and how to identify supplements that will NEVER kill your testosterone levels.
  • Training - Why the WRONG type of exercise will lower your testosterone levels, and how to optimise your training to ramp up your testosterone levels.
  • Experimental Ideas - THE TRUTH ABOUT DIPPING YOUR TESTES IN ICE. Will it boost testosterone or is it a load of BS? Will Fire Dancing increase Testosterone? Learn which crazy ideas are legitimate & which you must ignore.


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The ultimate guide to naturally optimize your testosterone. So you can gain Spartan energy & make yourself in to a modern day physical legend that rivals the Spartan "300"

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The Testosterone Bible

7 ratings
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